Top 6 safety tips to handle in the cyclone pump

Top 6 safety tips to handle in the cyclone pump could mean the difference between suffering an emergency or getting safe and sound to your destination under the worst conditions of the streets and roads.

And it is that when it comes to car care for cold temperatures, most of those who drive only think about the antifreeze fluid and batteries, but the vehicles need additional attention, especially in case of cyclone pump and drastic drop in temperature.

Most had never heard of the cyclone bomb, until the terrible snow and the dangerous cold affected many areas of the country, including several states that do not usually suffer this type of extreme weather.

Making sure that vehicles are prepared to face the elements helps us avoid the severity of an emergency while driving.

When street and road conditions change so drastically, drivers should have an emergency kit that includes an ice scraper and a snow blower, power cords, flashlight, blanket, extra clothes, bottled water, dry food as a treat and medicines as required.

In addition, it is recommended to request a detailed technical inspection of the vehicle from a professional technical service, since the winter magnifies previous problems such as jingling, ignition problems, poor performance or irregular running.

Keep the gas tank as full as possible; thus you reduce the likelihood of moisture forming or possible freezing in the ducts.

Check the tire pressure, including the spare, as they can lose pressure when the temperature drops. Consider changing to winter tires if you live in an area there are snow and ice problems for several months.

Request verification of the exhaust system to make sure there are no carbon monoxide leaks, especially dangerous in cold weather when driving with the windows closed.

Give your car more time to warm up the engine, if the temperature is below the freezing point, this will warm the gasoline and oil circulating in the engine and transmission.

Change the oil to low viscosity in winter, as it will flow more easily between moving parts when it is cold. Those driving in sub-zero temperatures should lower the oil from 10-W30 to 5-W30, as dense fuel can make it difficult to start the vehicle.

Consider using cold weather cleaning fluid and special windshield wipers for winter if you live in a place where the season is especially raw.

Security tips to live alone in your new apartment

For different reasons, whether comfort or privacy, many people choose to live alone in their new apartment. It is important that you always remember that you live alone and do not walk through life as if someone were waiting for you at home. Why do we tell you this? Because you need to be aware of this, it is essential to take extra precautions to ensure your safety. From making friends with neighbors or having surveillance cameras. Then, it  will give you some safety tips when you live alone.

Become friends with your neighbors

Although sometimes the personality does not help us, it is always good to establish relationships with people that you will see daily or almost daily so they can see for you or help you when you need it. Knowing your neighbors can make you feel more secure in your environment and when you have to leave for long hours or even on a trip.

For a sense of conscience or kindness, one person always sees the other if it pleases him, so it is quite likely that they will notice if someone who does not live in your apartment enters while you are away and notifies you or calls the police.

Do not make it too obvious that you’re not home

Sometimes for work or family reasons we have to travel approximately 2 weeks, for example. In these cases you should not show that you will not be home for a long period of time. There are ways to disguise and avoid suffering a theft while you are not. For greater security, you could ask a trusted friend to stay in your apartment for as long as you will not be, or ask one of your parents if they are free.

Another thing you can do is take your travel bags when there are fewer people who can see that you are leaving. Moreover, if the building where you live has an elevator that takes you to the basement, you could use it and take your luggage directly to your car and start the trip.

Close your curtains and blinds

If your apartment is one of those that you can see everything from outside, close the curtains or blinds when you hang out alone in your apartment, you never know who can see what you have inside or what your intentions are.

Buy anti-theft alarms

Some people tend to prevent more than others, that’s why they buy these alarming alarms that will scare away any intruder who wants to go through with your department. How does it work? Simple, based on a password, activate the alarm before closing the main door. When someone wants to enter and achieve it, the alarm will be activated and will not stop playing until the password is entered. This will alert all your neighbors and even the entire block and the thieves will have no choice but to escape before being caught and sent to prison.

Install security cameras

There are times when you run into really clever criminals who know all the anti-theft tricks, which is why another option is to install security cameras. Thanks to these devices you can identify the criminals and ask the authorities to identify them and locate them. In this way, it is very likely that you will recover your belongings and that they will be imprisoned by these misfits.

What is the role of a security coordinator in a company

The responsibilities of the security coordinator of a company are very varied, depending on the type of company and the number of employees. They are responsible for all security programs for the staff.

  • Training

It’s main role is the training of employees. Lessons should be taught on a regular basis to cover different aspects of the company’s health and safety plan, new rules and safe work practices.

  • Inspections

The safety coordinator must carry out periodic inspections in all areas of work and storage of the company. The documentation of those inspections must contain violations of safety regulations, staff concerns, and unsafe working conditions.

  • Accident investigation

The investigation of an accident must begin as soon as possible, after any incident. The relevant documentation must include witness statements, drawings, photographs and recommendations to avoid its repetition.

  • Documentation

According to local, state and federal regulations, all documents must be kept as material safety data sheets, training records, and reports of accidents and injuries that cause heavy losses of work hours. All this is extremely important for the operations of the company.

  • Health and safety plans

The safety coordinator is responsible for the development and implementation of a company’s health and safety plan. This plan should include information on safety related to all aspects of operations.

Advantages and disadvantages of security luminaires with motion detection

One day you walk towards the door of your neighbor’s house, and suddenly you find yourself inside a beam of light. You just activated the safety light activated by your neighbor’s movement. These lights detect the movement in front of them and turn on automatically to illuminate the space. This type of luminaries can be purchased in different models (powered by solar energy, energy saving, or standard) for your home or office


  • Dissuasive

A security light with motion detection remains off until it is activated by someone or something that passes near the sensor. That means that a thief will walk towards the light without knowing that it is there and will activate it. It has the purpose of dissuading someone who wants to break into your house because the light shines immediately when it is activated and the light shines on the person who walks to your door.

  • Energy saving

A normal outdoor luminaire should be turned on with a switch and it stays on all night until you turn it off. It is common to forget to turn off your light, which can stay on for several days, wasting electricity and increasing the amount of your bill for energy consumption. A lamp with motion detection stays off automatically until the motion sensor activates it, and wastes less energy.

  • Convenience

A security light with motion detection does not have to be on or off. This is especially useful if you work late into the night or if you leave the city and do not want to leave the porch light on all day. There is also no need to remember to turn off your light with motion detection, as it shuts off automatically.


  • Bright light

Security lights with motion detection are designed to deter people with bad intentions from approaching the front of your house. Its bright lights can shine in neighbors’ windows and even in your own windows when they are activated at night, which can wake people up.

  • Lack of control

There is no control over a light with motion detection. If the sensor is sensitive, the luminaire can be activated by a dog or a neighbor walking on the sidewalk. At the same time, you cannot control how long the light stays on when you are outside, which means you have to keep walking near it to turn it on again.


Requirements to be armed security guard

Candidates must meet various requirements to fill these positions.


All guards who work armed must be at least 21 years of age, which is also required to purchase and own a gun. Additionally, an armed security guard must have a permit to carry the weapon. The weapon must be registered in the guard’s home state.


A candidate for armed security guard must qualify at a shooting range with his weapon. The qualification exam lasts several hours. A shooting master supervises the test. The candidate must fire with his pistol, which must be of a type and caliber allowed, such as a 9-millimeter or .45 caliber pistol. The candidate must obtain a certain number of points, determined by where the bullets impact within the silhouette of the target. The qualification is determined by the shooting master, who will pass or fail the applicant.


All applicants for an armed security guard post must pass both the physical and the drug test. First the drug test is done, by means of a urine sample. Once the drug test has been completed, applicants must complete a physical exam to check if they have physical problems that could prevent them from completing any part of the safety work.

Security measures in windows for babies and children

Window insurance

There are some simple devices that can keep your little one safe. Windows on the floors above the first can improve your protection with a lock. According to Children’s Hospital Colorado, these insurances significantly reduce fatal falls. They are usually made of metal bars strong enough so that a child can not move them. The windows on the first floor of the house should be fitted with stops that prevent the glass from opening completely. Install them so that the window can not open more than 4 inches. These devices can also be useful in windows with latches, since they prevent the open glass from sliding and crushing the child’s fingers or other parts of the body.

Window covers

Hanging strings or pull chains for blinds or circle strings suspended inside older windows can look very fun for a child, and a baby could accidentally get his head entangled in some of them. Avoid strangulation by removing the strings or chains from your child’s reach. A quick repair is to cut through the center of any circle and leave two hanging ends of the rope, although the safest solution is to install a rope gear well above the window and around which you can turn the ropes. The Window Covering Safety Council also provides free upgrade kits designed to secure the window coverings of many different designs.

Your role

A baby that still can not crawl does not run much risk of climbing, although the average child will try to climb on any furniture that you see. You will be in danger if the chair you want to climb is in front of the window. As the child begins to climb, move the furniture away from the window. Once it is large enough to climb, never leave your baby or little one alone in a room with an open window; a child is already big enough to show him that the windows are not for playing. Tell him that the windows are to look out, not to climb, and repeat things like “do not touch the window, just look”.

Extra safety tips

Just as turning off an oven after cooking is automatic, it should also be a window after closing it. A child may have the strength and curiosity to open a closed window if it is not locked. Children’s Hospital Colorado also suggests planting soft shrubs or placing litter on the floor under the windows to cushion a fall (just in case). While your child should not be able to get out of the window once you have protected the house, this additional security measure may be beneficial as he grows and has the strength to overcome the security features of the window.

Keep in mind security when you protect the windows.

Security tips to protect your home during holidays

Develop a prevention and warning plan:

This plan seeks to identify mechanisms to know the state of the house, such as having family telephones, neighbors and trusted employees and establishing communication habits with them.

In the case of employees who remain under the care of the residence, it is advisable to carry out basic safety studies, in order to ensure that the house is in good hands.

In the face of suspicious or unusual circumstances such as the occurrence of a robbery in the same closed set, it is necessary that the plan includes measures to prevent thefts as a way to inform these situations to the closest CAI, among others.

How is the security of the house?

It is the most important question to ask before going on a trip. If you live in a closed complex, make sure weeks before the holidays that the private security services contracted for horizontal property are recognized and have the support of the Superintendence of Surveillance and Security.

Specifically regarding your home, it is advisable to install locks on doors and windows of good quality, have sufficient lighting at the entrance of the residence and a security system installed.

Move towards “smart homes”

The advancement of the Internet of things technology has given rise to sophisticated ways of controlling the home when we are not at home. This trend has been known as the evolution towards “smart homes” and, given its utility for families.

These technological innovations help families release the anxiety of knowing what is happening in their homes, as they manage to monitor the activity inside and outside the residence, at any time of the day or night.

The emotion of the holidays is better not to share it in social networks:

We cannot be happy when the holiday season arrives. It’s true: we want to shout our happiness to the world and share it in social networks! But it is better not to count much before and during the trip and it is even recommended not to register tickets to restaurants, parks and other tourist attractions on Facebook, Instagram or Foursquare; Well, this information is what friends of other people seek to steal from home.

The pros and cons of private security management in companies

The effective management of security is essential for all aspects of the operation of a company. Private security companies provide contract employees to companies for a fixed fee. There are advantages and disadvantages of hiring an outside company to carry out security operations. Cost and flexibility are advantages that companies appreciate. On the other hand there is the risk of the disadvantages that can result from not hiring career employees. Any company needs to fully assess the risks and benefits before signing a private security contract.

Advantages: Costs

Cost savings is an advantage of hiring private security. Companies save advertising costs to recruit, hire and train their own security personnel. Administrative expenses associated with the retention of an employee are also eliminated. Payroll costs, time control and more human resources personnel are not necessary. Additional savings are obtained because contractual employees are not offered all kinds of medical benefits or retirement packages. Cost savings can add up to a significant amount over a year.

Advantages: Flexibility

The flexibility of hiring contractual security employees is adequate for most companies of any size. The amount of personnel can be increased or decreased as the needs of a business change. A company may choose to terminate the contract of a hired worker without problematic policies or union problems. A company can also terminate the contract of the security company if the performance is poor. Some businesses require specialized knowledge for their safety. The expertise or experience is provided and confirmed by the security company.

Disadvantages: Lack of commitment

A major disadvantage of hiring a private security company is the lack of commitment to your business. Contractual employees tend to have less loyalty to a third-party company. Because they usually pay less than security career employees, they have a lower level of motivation to meet the standards of third-party businesses. Resentment may occur because the same benefits are not offered to career employees, even though they work in the same establishment.

Disadvantages: High rotation

High turnover is a disadvantage that can affect overall performance. Highly qualified security personnel tend to abandon contractual employment for professional employment. This is the result of the lower salaries offered to contractual employees. There is also little or no space for promotion within the security industry. Companies are left without the highest level service.

Types of security bars for windows

Window security devices prevent intruders from breaking into homes and businesses. The bars deter thieves visually. Any house with bars in the windows will be more difficult to break in and the criminals will look for a safe house instead. The window bars are usually made of steel or aluminum, although they are heavier the wrought iron bars are available. Some security grills have additional features, such as activating alarms or removable parts.

Decorative security grills

Decorative grilles, also called gratings, are used for both homes and businesses. They have a design like a rubric or in the shape of a diamond, placed in the center of the bars. This type of window protector can also look like a window or colonial lattice pattern and seem indistinguishable from the design of the window itself. Stores use grilles to cover their front windows and prevent theft due to “glass breakage”. The decorative grids are made of various materials. Many old buildings have forged iron bars in both windows and doors. Business owners and modern buildings can choose solid steel gratings. The decorative grilles are available in horizontal and vertical designs. These can be permanent.

Removable security bars

Quick-release or expandable safety bars are turned outward to allow the homeowner to escape in case of emergency. They can be removed and replaced quickly as long as the angled support remains in the window frame. Expandable security bars can be adjusted to fit any window size. The steel tubes of the bars slides in another tube to expand and adapt to any length of window. The quick release bars protect basements, window doors, front windows and windows in any room of a house or apartment.

Bandit security grills

A bandit security fence fits securely through a window, either vertically or horizontally. Made of aluminum alloy, the grille is commonly used in the basement windows. This protects a sliding window either closed or open. The owner can open and close the window from the inside when he has the gate. If an intruder tampers with it, a magnetic strip on the gate will trigger the owner’s safety alarm.

Safety grilles for folding window

The folding safety bars are easy to install and can be folded and stored when not in use. Owners can assemble them with clamps and screws in a few steps. The steel bars come in brown, white or black to match the color of the building. They prevent the intruders from breaking the glass, but they do not obstruct the view of the residents towards the outside.

Security bars with alarm

The aluminum alloy hinges of the security grills with alarm trigger give the owners additional protection against intruders. Unlike the bandit fence, which is a single bar placed through a window, the security bars with alarm look like regular security bars. When removed, a magnetic device activates the security alarm. These grilles work with both wired and wireless alarm systems. The owner of the house or business must have an alarm system installed in their building for these bars to work. The bars are removable from the inside for cleaning or escape in case of emergency.

What are the differences between public and private sector security

When you see a security guard in the mall, a bank or a crowded area, you may not think who hired him, essentially if the guard is from the public or private security sector. However, the difference may have more impact than you think.

Public security

Police officers, deputies and detectives are employees of the public security sector. Their jobs are to ensure that society is as free as possible of crimes. They can do everything from making a fine to working at a crime scene. They can make arrests and use force when necessary. The training and education necessary to become an employee of the public safety sector are highly regulated. To be a police officer, several rigorous exams are required, completed in a police academy program and an extensive background check, and a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice is encouraged. The police force is financed with government money, so the police officers are ultimately responsible to society.

Private security

The private security sector is made up of guards who are hired by companies, organizations or citizens to take care of their businesses, neighborhoods, shopping centers, workplaces and apartment buildings, and sometimes to break strikes. Security guards from the private sector are hired to protect assets, including people, property and information. A citizen is more likely to encounter a private security guard every day than the public. Private security guards are limited by law to observe, report and discourage crime. They are not authorized to use force to make arrests. Since private sector security officers are not financed with government money, they are not responsible to society but to those who pay them.


There are many benefits in both the public and private security sector, but the fact that both exist in our society, giving us a “double police”, is a benefit in itself. The security of the private sector was created because that of the public sector can not be everywhere at the same time. Private security guards help public officials make society a safer place by providing more comprehensive crime control.


Security guards in both the public and private sectors run the risk of unnecessary use of force. However, because private sector guards often work closely with their employers, some wonder where their interests lie. The private security sector is not regulated. No minimum training or education is required. However, most private security officers carry weapons, which is of concern to citizens as there is a possibility that the guard is poorly trained, inadequately protected and poorly paid. Many private security guards are hired by the rich and famous for their personal protection. Therefore, the guard’s only duty is to protect that person. This is why things like the use of drugs at parties are not informed, although the security officers are present. Many people think that this is not ethical.


There are conflicts between the public and private security sectors. Currently, the officials of the private security sector outnumber those in the public sector. This is because federal funding is decreasing, so municipalities are hiring private sector officials to do jobs that would normally be done by public officials, such as parking lot security or prisoner transport. Defenders of the public security sector believe that fear-seekers and right-wing privatization enthusiasts contribute to success in the private security sector.