The challenge of security in schools

The school is certainly an area where most humans spend long hours of his life because it not only lessons, but also life experiences, achievements and setbacks are learned. Therefore, it takes from the moment you choose a school into account the quality and level of the same, but also security becomes an essential factor to be considered a “good school”.

Currently the issue of insecurity he has become a major concern in our country. Therefore, more and more people looking for a site with the right conditions for their full educational development. And this is where security becomes a major challenge for both public institutions and for private.

Violence and drugs, among the main concerns

No student is exempt from suffering a robbery or assault within the campus to attending, but when the situation becomes every day, we are facing a severe problem of insecurity. And, according to a survey by the Ministry of Public Education (SEP), 91% of students in the Federal District has perceived the presence of gangs in their schools and 22% say they have dealt with a robbery, aggression or violence within or near their campuses.

Safe schools

Another program aimed at safeguarding security institutions is “Safe School”, launched by the Ministry of Public Education (SEP). One of its foundations is based on the prevention and reduction of crimes in the school environment, therefore, argues that school safety is an essential for effective exercise of the right of children and adolescents to educate warranty. Among its objectives are to consolidate public primary and secondary schools as free safe and reliable spaces of violence, addiction and crime.

Among the priorities of the program are to strengthen educational facilities as well as offering prevention workshops, resource training and counseling in school, infrastructure security and of course, the review of backpacks to ensure the environment in which students conduct their school activities.

Video surveillance, another option

Faced with the problem of insecurity, one of the most used by educational institutions resources is the use of CCTV, it allows recording the movements of both the student community, such as teachers, administrators and visitors, within the school and its surroundings. Increasingly campuses adopting the use of this technology for security at its facilities.

And although private schools are those who resort frequently to the installation of surveillance cameras manner, their use also extends to public school education secretary of that organization, For example, in the metropolitan area of, announced that video cameras be installed with an alarm system in 30 schools in the metropolitan area, because in recent months there has been an increase in robberies in the area, which is intended to link them with the system of state Public Safety.

Security in private schools, different picture

When we talk about security in private schools, it takes other side, precisely because, being institutions where students pay for their education, safeguarding their integrity becomes one of the main focuses. Attention is why most private schools, hire security personnel and operate prevention plans; also resort to the use of various technologies to monitor various points within schools.

Specific problems

The main security issues in private institutions are those ranging from the loss of laptop computers, audio players and mobile phones, to the most serious, such as telephone extortion, kidnapping self and express kidnapping. To do this, schools should have policies to prevent indicating what to do and how to deal with a situation of this kind.

Safety culture lack

Technology and security personnel, among other things, help protect schools from internal and external threats. But it is also true that the culture of prevention and safety is something that should be inculcated from homes. In this regard says that “security, the bottom line is to prevent, not having to reach the reaction factor”.

But also, it warns that security is an education that begins from home. Thus, if students learn how to protect themselves from an early age, it is indisputable that know how to behave in a school, safely. With this we see that security in schools, both public and private, not depend solely on students, administrators, parents or guards, but a joint work to be developed from the same family and complement education centers.


When enrolling their children in a school, it is necessary for parents to consider some basic safety tips, such as how will be notified in case of an emergency (if the school has a database containing the phone numbers of parents); verify whether the institution has a risk plan and evacuation; the school policy on bullying or extortion and if there are formal to combat programs and security personnel who work in it and measures to prevent crimes, among others.

In short, a school is safe when its infrastructure is built properly, it has programs to prevent crime and has the necessary preventive measures, as well as fully trained to help and guide student’s staff. Both teachers and students should know how to act in case of emergency or risk situations. Provide students with a comprehensive security during their stay in school is one of the best guarantees that can offer an educational institution. Only in this way can ensure the full development of students, both educational and personal and social.