Requirements to be armed security guard

Candidates must meet various requirements to fill these positions.


All guards who work armed must be at least 21 years of age, which is also required to purchase and own a gun. Additionally, an armed security guard must have a permit to carry the weapon. The weapon must be registered in the guard’s home state.


A candidate for armed security guard must qualify at a shooting range with his weapon. The qualification exam lasts several hours. A shooting master supervises the test. The candidate must fire with his pistol, which must be of a type and caliber allowed, such as a 9-millimeter or .45 caliber pistol. The candidate must obtain a certain number of points, determined by where the bullets impact within the silhouette of the target. The qualification is determined by the shooting master, who will pass or fail the applicant.


All applicants for an armed security guard post must pass both the physical and the drug test. First the drug test is done, by means of a urine sample. Once the drug test has been completed, applicants must complete a physical exam to check if they have physical problems that could prevent them from completing any part of the safety work.