Advantages and disadvantages of security luminaires with motion detection

One day you walk towards the door of your neighbor’s house, and suddenly you find yourself inside a beam of light. You just activated the safety light activated by your neighbor’s movement. These lights detect the movement in front of them and turn on automatically to illuminate the space. This type of luminaries can be purchased in different models (powered by solar energy, energy saving, or standard) for your home or office


  • Dissuasive

A security light with motion detection remains off until it is activated by someone or something that passes near the sensor. That means that a thief will walk towards the light without knowing that it is there and will activate it. It has the purpose of dissuading someone who wants to break into your house because the light shines immediately when it is activated and the light shines on the person who walks to your door.

  • Energy saving

A normal outdoor luminaire should be turned on with a switch and it stays on all night until you turn it off. It is common to forget to turn off your light, which can stay on for several days, wasting electricity and increasing the amount of your bill for energy consumption. A lamp with motion detection stays off automatically until the motion sensor activates it, and wastes less energy.

  • Convenience

A security light with motion detection does not have to be on or off. This is especially useful if you work late into the night or if you leave the city and do not want to leave the porch light on all day. There is also no need to remember to turn off your light with motion detection, as it shuts off automatically.


  • Bright light

Security lights with motion detection are designed to deter people with bad intentions from approaching the front of your house. Its bright lights can shine in neighbors’ windows and even in your own windows when they are activated at night, which can wake people up.

  • Lack of control

There is no control over a light with motion detection. If the sensor is sensitive, the luminaire can be activated by a dog or a neighbor walking on the sidewalk. At the same time, you cannot control how long the light stays on when you are outside, which means you have to keep walking near it to turn it on again.