The 4 best places to install security cameras

The security cameras are used with two main objectives: research and deterrence. The images obtained with security cameras are often used to analyze a crime or an accident, to understand what really happened. However, security cameras also have a deterrent value, because people who know they are being watched usually have a better performance.

To that surveillance cameras are most useful both for research as deterrents, you need to choose carefully where you place them. Here are the 4 best places to install your security cameras:

  • Inputs and outputs

The entry and exit doors are the best opportunity to watch and record facial images that can be used to identify people. To capture an image that is useful for identification purposes, the security camera should be installed to have a vision of 1 meter wide, which is the approximate width of a door.

Be extremely careful to point your camera video surveillance to exterior doors. When the door opens, a sudden change in light often make your subject look black, and instead of the facial image you are trying to capture, will be nothing more than a dark silhouette. In most cases, this problem does not occur with security cameras that pentane the exit, exterior lighting generally be behind the security camera.

Placing a TV or monitor near an entrance can also help you capture quality images of faces, when a customer or another person comes, naturally focuses your view on the screen. If you have placed your security camera near the monitor, you can capture a clear and complete picture of the face and further if the monitor displays surveillance images, will also have a strong deterrent effect.

  • Points of customer transactions

The surveillance cameras must also be placed at points of customer transaction. This includes the areas of payment, ATMs and buying stations. Next to the inputs and outputs, these areas are the best chance to capture images of restraint. Try to keep these surveillance cameras about 2 meters high and looking directly into the area. Do not install security cameras too high (on the roof, for example) because there is nothing, just register the top of the head.

  • Safety critical areas

For safety critical areas, I mean places where money, jewelry displays cabinets, safes, cabinets or any area that a thief can do with intent to steal is handled. In these areas, you want your security camera captures an image as wide as possible. The idea here is not so much to identify a face, but have no idea of the movements and actions of people. These are areas where security cameras can be mounted in relatively high places to see a complete scene.

  • Isolated areas

Parking lots and alleys are also useful places for security cameras. The images capture in these areas are useful for investigating acts of vandalism or violence. The deterrent value of a surveillance system with cameras in these areas also comes into play and is a factor to consider, seeing a security camera looking at them, criminals may think twice before committing a criminal act or vandalism.

Conclusion :

  • Inputs and outputs, points of customer transactions, critical areas and isolated areas. These are the 4 best places to place your security cameras. In doing so, captured security images useful for further investigation and also takes advantage of the deterrent power of his security camera.