What is the role of a security coordinator in a company

The responsibilities of the security coordinator of a company are very varied, depending on the type of company and the number of employees. They are responsible for all security programs for the staff.

  • Training

It’s main role is the training of employees. Lessons should be taught on a regular basis to cover different aspects of the company’s health and safety plan, new rules and safe work practices.

  • Inspections

The safety coordinator must carry out periodic inspections in all areas of work and storage of the company. The documentation of those inspections must contain violations of safety regulations, staff concerns, and unsafe working conditions.

  • Accident investigation

The investigation of an accident must begin as soon as possible, after any incident. The relevant documentation must include witness statements, drawings, photographs and recommendations to avoid its repetition.

  • Documentation

According to local, state and federal regulations, all documents must be kept as material safety data sheets, training records, and reports of accidents and injuries that cause heavy losses of work hours. All this is extremely important for the operations of the company.

  • Health and safety plans

The safety coordinator is responsible for the development and implementation of a company’s health and safety plan. This plan should include information on safety related to all aspects of operations.