Security measures in windows for babies and children

Window insurance

There are some simple devices that can keep your little one safe. Windows on the floors above the first can improve your protection with a lock. According to Children’s Hospital Colorado, these insurances significantly reduce fatal falls. They are usually made of metal bars strong enough so that a child can not move them. The windows on the first floor of the house should be fitted with stops that prevent the glass from opening completely. Install them so that the window can not open more than 4 inches. These devices can also be useful in windows with latches, since they prevent the open glass from sliding and crushing the child’s fingers or other parts of the body.

Window covers

Hanging strings or pull chains for blinds or circle strings suspended inside older windows can look very fun for a child, and a baby could accidentally get his head entangled in some of them. Avoid strangulation by removing the strings or chains from your child’s reach. A quick repair is to cut through the center of any circle and leave two hanging ends of the rope, although the safest solution is to install a rope gear well above the window and around which you can turn the ropes. The Window Covering Safety Council also provides free upgrade kits designed to secure the window coverings of many different designs.

Your role

A baby that still can not crawl does not run much risk of climbing, although the average child will try to climb on any furniture that you see. You will be in danger if the chair you want to climb is in front of the window. As the child begins to climb, move the furniture away from the window. Once it is large enough to climb, never leave your baby or little one alone in a room with an open window; a child is already big enough to show him that the windows are not for playing. Tell him that the windows are to look out, not to climb, and repeat things like “do not touch the window, just look”.

Extra safety tips

Just as turning off an oven after cooking is automatic, it should also be a window after closing it. A child may have the strength and curiosity to open a closed window if it is not locked. Children’s Hospital Colorado also suggests planting soft shrubs or placing litter on the floor under the windows to cushion a fall (just in case). While your child should not be able to get out of the window once you have protected the house, this additional security measure may be beneficial as he grows and has the strength to overcome the security features of the window.

Keep in mind security when you protect the windows.