Security tips to protect your home during holidays

Develop a prevention and warning plan:

This plan seeks to identify mechanisms to know the state of the house, such as having family telephones, neighbors and trusted employees and establishing communication habits with them.

In the case of employees who remain under the care of the residence, it is advisable to carry out basic safety studies, in order to ensure that the house is in good hands.

In the face of suspicious or unusual circumstances such as the occurrence of a robbery in the same closed set, it is necessary that the plan includes measures to prevent thefts as a way to inform these situations to the closest CAI, among others.

How is the security of the house?

It is the most important question to ask before going on a trip. If you live in a closed complex, make sure weeks before the holidays that the private security services contracted for horizontal property are recognized and have the support of the Superintendence of Surveillance and Security.

Specifically regarding your home, it is advisable to install locks on doors and windows of good quality, have sufficient lighting at the entrance of the residence and a security system installed.

Move towards “smart homes”

The advancement of the Internet of things technology has given rise to sophisticated ways of controlling the home when we are not at home. This trend has been known as the evolution towards “smart homes” and, given its utility for families.

These technological innovations help families release the anxiety of knowing what is happening in their homes, as they manage to monitor the activity inside and outside the residence, at any time of the day or night.

The emotion of the holidays is better not to share it in social networks:

We cannot be happy when the holiday season arrives. It’s true: we want to shout our happiness to the world and share it in social networks! But it is better not to count much before and during the trip and it is even recommended not to register tickets to restaurants, parks and other tourist attractions on Facebook, Instagram or Foursquare; Well, this information is what friends of other people seek to steal from home.