The best safety locks for sliding patio doors

Sliding doors offer the benefits of the large windows with the functionality of a gate way. Unfortunately, they are also the main target for thieves. Most sliding doors have a single locking mechanism is weak and easily opened with a tool, cut with a hacksaw or unlocked by pushing given to the panel. The doors can also be lifted out of their tracks from the outside. But there are additional security measures that homeowners can take to ensure their doors.

Securing sliding glass doors by placing metal bars

A crowbar is a strip of metal or other material placed in the upper channel of the door, above the sliding door. It is an effective way to prevent the sliding doors are lifted from their tracks, which is a common tactic used by thieves, according to the Police Department. The crowbar essentially eliminates the space above the sliding door, locking the door in its tracks so it is impossible to lift.

They can also be done at home. With the door open, just paste or screw a wooden or metal strip along the top track of the door. Large pan head screws can also be placed in the upper channel. Whatever the material, make sure there is enough space for the door is closed but not enough to lift the door off its guides.

Safety bars

Bars SAFETY reinforce lock the sliding doors so that the doors are not they can open horizontally. These bars are a popular choice because they are effective and cheap, all you need is a wood or steel cylinder of the correct length. SAFETY bars, placed in the lower channel of the door, between the end of the sliding glass doors and sliding door. There is also another option for people worried that thieves can find a way to release the safety bar by methods such as drilling a small hole in the frame and push the bar out of the channel. Many security bars can be fixed to the door bracket through a set screw that holds the bar in place until it rises from inside and folded vertically in the holder.

Auxiliary locks

There are several types of interior locks designed to reinforce the locks on the sliding doors. Most use a pin or a deadbolt and installed on the inside edge of the door track. Many operated by pulling a pin or rotating a lever. It is important, however, to consider the auxiliary locks, keep in mind that you should be able to leave the house quickly in case of an emergency, like a fire. Conversely, if your house has a pool, consider a lock that is safe for children so that if they are alone are not able to open the door from the inside and access the pool. Locks that lock the door to its frame prevent the door opens horizontally or be lifted from their guides. The best auxiliary locks are made ​​of solid metal and use at least one deadbolt 1 inch (2.54 cm).