Tips to avoid false alarms in your business

Do not leave windows open

Careless or just to ventilate the room, sometimes users security systems can leave windows open or not properly closed and this fool enough, can cause a false alarm is triggered. This may generate waste of time and money in your business, something that surely will not want to happen.

It happens that the innocent air stream passage is through these openings may result in stronger winds that surely will cause problems inside. The breeze that produces curtains or blinds from swinging continuously and this, coupled with an increase in the internal temperature also brought by the environment, make the temperature sensors are activated and generate an alarm.

This air stream entering the atmosphere, can produce a continuous movement of the curtains of the window which added to the temperature change in the wind outside the environment, is detected by the infrared sensor as a movement of heat in the atmosphere and It produces an alarm really a false alarm. To avoid this, just make sure to leave the windows tightly closed.

Seek disabling alarms

Regularly, people often forget to disable the security system once they enter the premises of your business. This also causes the communicate with sirens to the central monitoring.

Another scenario is the activation of the devices, while a user is inside the secure perimeter. Nothing will happen if any of the protected no transfer points, however, if any door or window is opened and before the system is not deactivated, this will produce an involuntary alarm. Generate a habit of activation and deactivation, will help with this problem.

Pest control

In large facilities such as warehouses and repositories, regularly has the presence of unwanted animals, including rodents and birds. These are causing lot of failures in the proper functioning of alarms, due to their erratic and incessant movement.

Any pest of significant size, such as rats, pigeons and even bats can get close much infrared sensors and activate them. However, other animals like insects, usually are not detected unless alighting directly on the lens of the apparatus.

It is important to consider that there are high-tech equipment to help them be more assertive, detecting only human and non-small species. But if you do not have the budget for them, placing residual insecticides around the detectors, you can collaborate with pest elimination.

Turn the heat

During the cold season, a common mistake forgetting to turn off the heating or even leave them on to get a nice temperature is returning. What many do not know is that if there are heat sensors pointing toward these devices are likely to be taken as a signal to activate the system alarms business. The ideal is to keep off or minimum.

Ensure proper installation

You cannot leave out another important reason that causes errors in alarms, and this is the correct installation of the devices selected and a poor choice of them. This is primarily the responsibility of the company responsible, but it is also important that as a user, you make sure you choose the right people.

Both installer and client must agree and provide critical information to know that alarms are indicated as infrastructure and needs that want to cover. Companies that have experience and good reputation in the market, are your best options to avoid false alarms.

Follow these tips and see how greatly improved the performance of your security and surveillance system, avoiding you to you, your staff and your future service providers inconvenience and unnecessary headaches.