Safety Door Designs

It would be nice if we could all have security guards to protect us in Baltimore, but it’s too expensive.  The next best thing is using a good security door.  The security of a door element is made up of many different factors, and must always be seen in its entirety. Installation should only be performed by a specialist company. Please also pay attention to the fit between the frame, door leaf, hinges and locks!

A security door consists of frame, leaf, hinge, lock and optional equipment.

Door frame

Your frame must be stable and firmly attached to the ground; it should be no voids under the frame arise. This includes a reinforcement heard in the area of the strike plate with e.g. a stable special angle security strike plate made of steel with a minimum length of 30 cm and a thickness of at least 3mm.

Door leaf

Door leaf should be warp resistant, kink-proof door leaf with a minimum thickness of 45mm. In the door leaf a 2 mm thick steel plates or massive, closely set steel rods should be inserted as reinforcement.

Bands hinges

The straps (also called hinges) of your door leaf should be on the inside and with the weight of the door be tuned (e.g. with steel core).

Special tape backups ( rear hook ), mounted independently of the bands in the fold , one hand offer increased protection from violent break-up of the door, on the other hand, they prevent the lifting of the door in the hinge area .

Multi-point locking

Another useful feature is an additional lock by a screwed- bar bolt locks or through an integrated already in the door multi-point lock. This rigid steel pins are inserted into the longitudinal and transverse direction on at least two sides (band and lock side) directly into the frame or in the masonry.

Security fittings

As protection against theft are bolted from the inside fittings for use with burglar-proof safety lock. A Steel security fitting with cylinder protection makes the drilling, extraction and sawing off the cylinder core virtually impossible.

Cylinders and fittings should be of the highest possible drilling or blocking protection , security cylinder must flush with the fitting or protected by the hardware at all, this shield from e.g. 5mm thick , high-strength flat steel should be designed as a long plate , while the castle cover up over its entire height and protect.

Additional equipment

In addition, for your personal protection against unwanted visitors your door with additional safety features such as wide-angle spy (180 degrees), additional lock, safety chain or strap, etc. are equipped.