Burglar alarm

To protect against theft, more and more vehicles are being equipped with anti-theft systems sound an alarm when an unauthorized by the contacts on doors input is detected, the engine compartment and trunk, either by motion sensors ultrasonic or current sensors within the vehicle.

The ultrasound system also detects attempts to access the vehicle through a broken window. You can turn off the interior monitoring system if, for example, animals should be left in the vehicle for a short time.

The burglar alarm system with electronic immobilizer offers optimum protection against theft. Warning signs, acoustic and visual attract the attention of passers-by and scare off thieves. The tilt sensor tow-away protection provides additional security. The interior monitoring system protects against unauthorized or forced into, the engine compartment or the trunk access.

The latest generation of burglar alarms has a warning siren that operates independently from the vehicle electrical system and a time-controlled alarm that sounds if unauthorized opening of a door. By blocking the vehicle alarm is triggered, and unlock is disabled.

Volkswagen models incorporate tilt sensors as part of the burglar alarm system if these devices detect any change in the position of the car (caused by an attempt to tow it), it will sound the alarm. Initially, the siren sounds intermittently for 30 seconds and the hazard warning lights flash continuously.

Better to frighten them or learn of your presence

The alarms are a measure of basic protection, especially in the case of the villas. The have two types: those connected to a central, which can be operated with sound, movement and body heat, or those that are not connected , you simply emit a beep to scare away burglars and alert neighbors and third.

The best are those that are connected to a PBX, who is responsible for notifying the police. Moreover, these also tend to have mechanisms for alerting services such as fire, for possible accidents and now incorporate new methods of monitoring and control and security cameras.

It simulates activity at home with lighting

L to lighting can be a perfect choice to isolate the neighbors, especially in villas or houses, gardens and terraces. One option is solar lamps, which are recharged during the day with sunlight, and remain lit all night without electricity bill, but do not give too much intensity.

Another option is motion lights that are activated by a sensor through movement. Also, a simpler option is to ask a neighbor that evening activate exterior lights of the house and off in the morning. So give the impression of having people and activity in that house.

In any case, as far as possible, it is best that the lights are out of reach, to prevent them from breaking. If you are going to spend much time outside, you can install timers on lights in both indoor and exterior.

Other tips

Besides protecting your home against potential break-ins and robberies, the Organization of Consumers provides a few tips when you go to leave home:

  • Do not forget to seal up doors and windows and turn the key completely.
  • Do not hide a key outside, will be much better to leave a copy with someone you trust.
  • Beware of ‘technical services’ that occur without warning; first check that indeed these are services of the house, calling the company, for example.
  • Try not to tell your departure.
  • It simulates a little movement at home: ask someone to pick up your mail, leave a clock or alarm sound on every day.

Benefits of installing a video surveillance system

The first major advantage is prevention.  It is proved that security cameras are an element deterrent that prevents a large number of robberies and assaults. The surveillance is particularly useful in addition to the security forces in his research when there has been a theft. Furthermore, these security systems facilitate monitoring and real-time monitoring of the state of our home, second home or company, which places us in a position of advantage over thieves.

If security cameras are located in a prominent place in our home and suitably marked, the chances of suffering a burglary in our home are reduced dramatically.

Video surveillance reduces security costs of companies. Having security personnel distributed in large organizations (malls, sports arenas, agricultural production areas, etc.) is too expensive for most companies, and more and more those who choose to deploy security systems, more efficient, whose supervision is centralized. In addition, many insurance companies’ policy discounts apply their clients if they have an efficient security system such as video surveillance to reduce potential risks.

From the point of view of legal protection, security cameras are also an element useful for companies that have detected unusual behavior. Pose a credible and recognized at the time of check or proof that an employee steals materials or money in our company test.


Basic safety tips for home

His mind is already loaded with the deteriorating state of the economy, now you also have to think of ways to protect your home from being targeted by thieves, as a result of rising crime in this economy. When the economy is weak, there is always acceleration in the rate of crime.

Houses in towns with many homes facing foreclosure are more vulnerable to this crime wave. So, how can we save our homes this risk? The following are ways to protect your property; you will be surprised to find some new tips here. Just apply these tips to make your home more protected properties in the neighborhood.

  • Mail: Remove your name from the mailbox. Not take long for a thief to call 411 to get your number and call home to see if they’re there. It’s so easy to check if a house is occupied or empty. When taking a little caution, we can prevent this from happening to us.
  • Phone: Reduce the ringer volume; otherwise you can inform thieves’ occupancy status of your home.
  • Outdoor Lighting: Lighting system triggered movement is a great way to scare off thieves, as they can work only in the dark. What could discourage more bright lighting that highlights its presence? Buy movement outdoor lighting facilities tuner built to increase or decrease the sensitivity. After all, we do not want to jump when a stray cat triggers our outdoor lights, right?
  • Glass doors: is the least advisable to have glass doors around your home. Think how easy it would be to break a glass door and open the door lock. This is a cinch even an amateur thief. If you are still firm on having decorative glass doors, consider laminating them. You can do this using 28 layers of 3M Ultra Safety and security transparent film.
  • Tools: Your ladder and tools can be of great help to you, but make sure they are locked and will not help a thief too.
  • Shrubs: Cutting short shrubs. It is very easy for a thief to hide behind thick bushes and thick trees.
  • Trash: Amazing, but true! Some thieves to get an idea of ​​what kind of valuables you may have in your home with just sorting through your trash. Just make sure you destroy all the boxes and put them in bags that go to the bottom of the trash cans. On leaving the faces public view at the top of the garbage cans boxes, is like inviting thieves to rob his house.
  • Lighting: Set a timer for lights. It’s about making your home occupied even when it is not. And do not worry; it’s not too expensive too.
  • Locks: a lock of ideal door should have a lock with a strike plate attached by screws that are at least 3 inches long. This is normal and nothing less, would not meet safety requirements.
  • Windows and tracks: Buy metal pipes at your neighborhood hardware store that is set in the registry of your windows. Find our time your window are using an inch tape and purchase tubing is 1/4 “inch less than this length. Cut the length of a quarter inch ensures a good fit and save you a trip back. Make sure fits just right, should not be too easy to remove any poor thief trying to enter through the window open it will be impossible.

Armored and armored doors

The doors are, however, the main point to be strengthened to have a safe home. Contrary to what one might think, thieves do not usually enter through the window. In fact, the front door is the most used means of access. Over 36 percent of burglaries occur through (especially in homes where the percentage rises to almost 47 percent), and an 11’4 percent do so for some secondary door. The window openings if more frequented in the cottages, where 39 percent of robberies committed by them.

Security doors, armored or armored, are in fact the mechanisms most demanded by US households: over 55 percent of US has a special door (either shielded or armored) in their homes and more than 80 have at least several locks at the entrance.

The confusion between armored and armored doors usually a very common mistake among citizens who are interested in strengthening the main entrance. However, the differences are more than remarkable, both in prices and the ability to provide a security and others.

The blast doors are somewhat more vulnerable than armored, but give the home many guarantees of protection, sufficient for the needs of some houses, and cheaply.

Not only provide a greater thickness than common doors, but, are reinforced with a steel sheet in each of their faces, more than two inches thick and special locks powerful steel bars blocking the door by four sides.

The armored door, meanwhile, is about 25 percent more expensive than armor. The average price is not usually drop below $1,000, but guarantees full protection of the entrance of the home. They are prepared to make unnecessary the use of levers and in fact, they are often used in museums and public places that need special security. The main difference with the blast is that the locking mechanisms are incorporated in the body of the door itself, and not just inside the leaf, but also the context and even the “sub frame” (the hinge) are lined with plate’s steel.

Alarms story about security systems

When someone mentions burglar alarms is not unreasonable to think of high-tech devices developed in the era of silicon.  The truth is that the concept of an alarm system is that it was invented much earlier.

For thousands of years man has used animals most notably the dog, to monitor and alert him of either trying to manipulate or steel, valuables.  In the big gongs middle Ages were used to alert a population of imminent death or great lit bonfires to warn of impending invasion.

As important as these events were, it was not until 1852 that electro-mechanical alarm system was first invented.  Edwin Holmes was an American inventor of Boston, Massachusetts, and the alarm he devised was simple but effective.  A solenoid struck a gong when a power trip has been disturbed.  While your alarm system is nothing compared to today’s deals was positively received in his day.

These early warning systems continued to use simple electrical circuits and relays.  A typical installation wire wound looks over the windows and around door frames with sheet lead driver and mechanical or magnetic switches tied with thin wire.

Alarms on hand plate

Above anything else, alarms systems are more and better nourished by the technological advances of the last decade, especially the takeoff of communications and the Internet have. The latest technologies have facilitated connections between homes and the central monitoring, greatly increasing efficiency and reducing costs: today a home can be closely monitored for between $800 and $2,000, even incorporating security cameras.

Sophisticated current facility has managed to challenge the skill of the thieves’ connections through “Internet Protocol” (IP) technology, for example, have ended the way information of legacy systems, where the company could only receive property signals. Now the connection is “two-way” so that you can know at any time if the client is connected to the company and most importantly, when this boycotted the phone line. Other systems, such as the system “Talk Around” allow surveillance agencies go through intercoms thieves, to deter them, once they have entered the building.

The latest in alarm services allow even receive video from our home by mobile phone or online, to see what happens around the clock, or receive “real time” injuries that caused the thieves during the theft.

Another advantage offered by this alarm system with video; is that it eliminate false alarms, one of the main problems of monitoring services, which have more than 95 percent of cases. Thanks to the video images, caretakers, or the tenant himself, can recognize whether the cause of an alarm is really a raid or, as usual, by an animal or a known family has been activated.

Alarms and security systems for home

With the arrival of summer, absences in homes increase. During the months of July and August mainly, many houses are unoccupied and therefore, are very vulnerable to intruders.

A variety of alarms and security marketed against intrusion systems. As the level of safety provided varies greatly from one another, there is also a wide range of prices.

Today we will see how to ride one of the simplest anti-intrusion systems market. Unsystematic it is very cheap, fast and easy alarm place.

Alarms and Security systems for home

For only two euros you can find it. Yes, it’s no typo, for 2 $ you can purchase and installation requires no cables, no screws, no holes, no technical knowledge whatsoever.

But before we continue, we want to make clear that this system does not replace other as basic as a good lock and a good bowler security.

In this sense we suggest an anti-bumping bulb and anti-Gangue quality.

As already mentioned, this system is the simplest, and cheapest, market.

However, it may be effective against thieves little “professionals” or inexperienced.

This alarm beeps of 105 dB, sufficient to meet its deterrent function.

The main thing is where is the whole mechanism, including batteries. And other magnetic, the only function that is the return signal. Once the alarm latter is broken, Parts of a simple alarm dividends

Installation is super easy. Only you have to remove the protective adhesive on both sides and glue them to the door.

The main part of the edge the door and the other part, facing and well aligned.

It could reinforce with some small screws, but not necessary at all.

You may flashing frame hinder you a little. Just tweak it with a chisel and ready.

Placement simple alarms Home2To activate, just have to put the switch in the ON position.

Such systems serve both hinged doors, such as entrance doors; as for sliding, such as closures terraces.

We will talk about installing more sophisticated and effective anti-intrusion systems, but you can also install yourself.

Alarms and Security in Your Home

When we think about the safety of our family and our house we thought about hiring a surveillance system, the alarms for the home serve to protect our home without any difficulty and appropriately. The problem with this is that not everyone knows which alarm to buy, or that we guarantee it will work, so we must be careful to choose the best we can get.

Before purchasing one of these alarm systems, the owner should find out how much money you spend monthly for a protection service like this. It is important to make sure they can keep this all the time.

We also investigate how the system will alarm installation in your home, because this process can be a little tricky and must do a professional. Browse for your friends and ask if they have a system and who recommend you to do the installation. That person has to know what he is doing and should be trusted.

Find out what kind of alarm systems on the market because there are many options. Some may be just to fire, others to strangers entering the house, and other health. You must also be sure; there are some silent and others quite shocking to hear the entire neighborhood.

Some of these systems come with a remote control and in turn are wireless alarms, but others can only be operated from a board (like you see in the picture). It is next to the door, and put a password, activated each time you leave the house. You can get a videotape system that everything that happens around your home to prevent anyone crossing their limits.

No matter which option you choose, protect your home is very important. Therefore, you must know which option you have available and how much you can expect to pay. Visit a specialized place and home alarms question for all that is available.

An alarm system for homes, monitored 24 hours a day, can provide peace of mind all the time. Alarm systems work all the time and never sleep. If you look in different places you can find options that include free installation and even the equipment in exchange for two or three years.

If you decide to install an alarm system, go to any company with a solid track record to back it up. Remember to test the alarm regularly. A monitored alarm system can also reduce the annual cost of insurance; the savings will pay the cost of the alarm.

Alarms and perimeter surveillance

Often when you have a large property difficult to protect the perimeter, to do this; barriers installed infrared beams that are connected to the alarm system.

How do they work?

The barriers are placed in small walls to the ground, on fences or posts, one acts as a transmitter and the other as a receiver and connected to each other, generating an infrared protected field and can cover up to 150 meters outside perimeter by par: volume trunks linking several pairs of barriers can cover any distance needed for many large farms as well as for small plots.

When it is cut from infrared to try to jump the fence or just sabotage them automatically generate an alarm connected to the general alarm system will trigger a siren (sound) deterrent and immediately give notice to your mobile phone, it is very useful in case you are not in place, that way you will always be aware of what happens on their property.

What about animals and pets?

If we think that birds might generate false alarms; we are wrong, because such systems can be adjusted and programmed to cut the beams are generated only by interrupting 1, 2 or 3 simultaneous beams and avoid false alarms by birds or small pets.

Systems combined perimeter barriers with security cameras are a deterrent and effective method of protection.

It is very useful also for second homes or summer because when the alarm is received, connect remotely with security cameras and can see online what happens then.