Burglar alarm

To protect against theft, more and more vehicles are being equipped with anti-theft systems sound an alarm when an unauthorized by the contacts on doors input is detected, the engine compartment and trunk, either by motion sensors ultrasonic or current sensors within the vehicle.

The ultrasound system also detects attempts to access the vehicle through a broken window. You can turn off the interior monitoring system if, for example, animals should be left in the vehicle for a short time.

The burglar alarm system with electronic immobilizer offers optimum protection against theft. Warning signs, acoustic and visual attract the attention of passers-by and scare off thieves. The tilt sensor tow-away protection provides additional security. The interior monitoring system protects against unauthorized or forced into, the engine compartment or the trunk access.

The latest generation of burglar alarms has a warning siren that operates independently from the vehicle electrical system and a time-controlled alarm that sounds if unauthorized opening of a door. By blocking the vehicle alarm is triggered, and unlock is disabled.

Volkswagen models incorporate tilt sensors as part of the burglar alarm system if these devices detect any change in the position of the car (caused by an attempt to tow it), it will sound the alarm. Initially, the siren sounds intermittently for 30 seconds and the hazard warning lights flash continuously.