Burglar alarm systems

An alarm is used to detect intruders and generally discourage, but keep in mind that never protect you if these intruders choose to ignore the alarm and prefer to continue with their actions.

Basic Operation

An alarm system is based on a closed circuit sensors and detectors connected to a central box that receives any incident or signal and the siren will sound when needed.

It features a tamper method that makes the alarm if someone cuts a cable, or tries to manipulate the siren or central box. It also has a system connection and disconnection, either with a key or a keypad, which offers a time to disconnect.

The system is protected by a battery that will operate even if there is a power outage.

Its components

  • Alarm. It may be audible (buzzer, siren, etc.) or visual (gleaming light).
  • Central Fund. It contains the electronic system which receives the signal from the sensors and sends the order to activate the siren or light.
  • Volumetric detector. Is an electronic detection system for indoor use, which is based on discovering the movement?
  • Infrared Detector. It is based on the heat detection.
  • Detector ultrasound. In this case, the system detects sounds (glass breakage, struggles of doors, etc.).

Other components can be

A button that allows sound the alarm if the system is disconnected; to place a magnetic, for example, switch on windows (divided into two parts which are separated when the alarm sounds), a pressure mat, etc.


There is a wide range of burglar alarms (some suitable for installation by amateurs). We can distinguish:

  • Systems that sound the alarm if someone tries to enter the house.
  • Those who detected the intruder in the house.


  • Make sure it is sufficiently loud.

– Should they have an automatic shutdown after 20 minutes, so that in case of false alarm does not cause discomfort?

– Check the components regularly to avoid false alarms.