Burglar alarm

The burglar alarm system provides great protection against any attempt to access the vehicle, vehicle theft and theft of wheels. Innovative systems, including ultrasonic sensors and tilt sensors include vehicle control inside and outside.

The burglar alarm system protects the vehicle and its valuable features. It has several systems to effectively protect the doors, trunk, engine compartment, and engine and passenger compartment.

The main protection element is the ultrasound system, which detects persons inside the vehicle. The system responds to the movements and the alarm is also activated at any attempt to access the vehicle without authorization, for example through a broken window. You can turn off the interior monitoring system whether to leave people or animals in the vehicle for a short time.

If access inside the vehicle or if a door is opened unauthorized means a warning siren sounds for 30 seconds. This is activated regardless of the vehicle’s electrical system, i.e., even if the battery is disconnected or blocked. In addition to the alarm, emergency flashers work continuously.

The alarm and emergency lights are still active when integrated tilt sensors detect any small change in the position of the vehicle. This prevents transport the car into another vehicle or removes the wheels. When a repair is needed, faults can be detected easily by the self-diagnosis function.

Normally, the burglar alarm is activated when the vehicle is locked and deactivated to unlock it. The alarm system can also be turned on and off whenever you want using the vehicle key or by remote control. The system also remains active when closing the boot is manipulated.

The concept of the burglar alarm has even convinced insurance companies, some of which offer comprehensive insurance coverage with lower premiums for vehicles equipped with this system.