Better to frighten them or learn of your presence

The alarms are a measure of basic protection, especially in the case of the villas. The have two types: those connected to a central, which can be operated with sound, movement and body heat, or those that are not connected , you simply emit a beep to scare away burglars and alert neighbors and third.

The best are those that are connected to a PBX, who is responsible for notifying the police. Moreover, these also tend to have mechanisms for alerting services such as fire, for possible accidents and now incorporate new methods of monitoring and control and security cameras.

It simulates activity at home with lighting

L to lighting can be a perfect choice to isolate the neighbors, especially in villas or houses, gardens and terraces. One option is solar lamps, which are recharged during the day with sunlight, and remain lit all night without electricity bill, but do not give too much intensity.

Another option is motion lights that are activated by a sensor through movement. Also, a simpler option is to ask a neighbor that evening activate exterior lights of the house and off in the morning. So give the impression of having people and activity in that house.

In any case, as far as possible, it is best that the lights are out of reach, to prevent them from breaking. If you are going to spend much time outside, you can install timers on lights in both indoor and exterior.

Other tips

Besides protecting your home against potential break-ins and robberies, the Organization of Consumers provides a few tips when you go to leave home:

  • Do not forget to seal up doors and windows and turn the key completely.
  • Do not hide a key outside, will be much better to leave a copy with someone you trust.
  • Beware of ‘technical services’ that occur without warning; first check that indeed these are services of the house, calling the company, for example.
  • Try not to tell your departure.
  • It simulates a little movement at home: ask someone to pick up your mail, leave a clock or alarm sound on every day.