Alarms story about security systems

When someone mentions burglar alarms is not unreasonable to think of high-tech devices developed in the era of silicon.  The truth is that the concept of an alarm system is that it was invented much earlier.

For thousands of years man has used animals most notably the dog, to monitor and alert him of either trying to manipulate or steel, valuables.  In the big gongs middle Ages were used to alert a population of imminent death or great lit bonfires to warn of impending invasion.

As important as these events were, it was not until 1852 that electro-mechanical alarm system was first invented.  Edwin Holmes was an American inventor of Boston, Massachusetts, and the alarm he devised was simple but effective.  A solenoid struck a gong when a power trip has been disturbed.  While your alarm system is nothing compared to today’s deals was positively received in his day.

These early warning systems continued to use simple electrical circuits and relays.  A typical installation wire wound looks over the windows and around door frames with sheet lead driver and mechanical or magnetic switches tied with thin wire.