Alarms on hand plate

Above anything else, alarms systems are more and better nourished by the technological advances of the last decade, especially the takeoff of communications and the Internet have. The latest technologies have facilitated connections between homes and the central monitoring, greatly increasing efficiency and reducing costs: today a home can be closely monitored for between $800 and $2,000, even incorporating security cameras.

Sophisticated current facility has managed to challenge the skill of the thieves’ connections through “Internet Protocol” (IP) technology, for example, have ended the way information of legacy systems, where the company could only receive property signals. Now the connection is “two-way” so that you can know at any time if the client is connected to the company and most importantly, when this boycotted the phone line. Other systems, such as the system “Talk Around” allow surveillance agencies go through intercoms thieves, to deter them, once they have entered the building.

The latest in alarm services allow even receive video from our home by mobile phone or online, to see what happens around the clock, or receive “real time” injuries that caused the thieves during the theft.

Another advantage offered by this alarm system with video; is that it eliminate false alarms, one of the main problems of monitoring services, which have more than 95 percent of cases. Thanks to the video images, caretakers, or the tenant himself, can recognize whether the cause of an alarm is really a raid or, as usual, by an animal or a known family has been activated.