Alarms and security systems for home

With the arrival of summer, absences in homes increase. During the months of July and August mainly, many houses are unoccupied and therefore, are very vulnerable to intruders.

A variety of alarms and security marketed against intrusion systems. As the level of safety provided varies greatly from one another, there is also a wide range of prices.

Today we will see how to ride one of the simplest anti-intrusion systems market. Unsystematic it is very cheap, fast and easy alarm place.

Alarms and Security systems for home

For only two euros you can find it. Yes, it’s no typo, for 2 $ you can purchase and installation requires no cables, no screws, no holes, no technical knowledge whatsoever.

But before we continue, we want to make clear that this system does not replace other as basic as a good lock and a good bowler security.

In this sense we suggest an anti-bumping bulb and anti-Gangue quality.

As already mentioned, this system is the simplest, and cheapest, market.

However, it may be effective against thieves little “professionals” or inexperienced.

This alarm beeps of 105 dB, sufficient to meet its deterrent function.

The main thing is where is the whole mechanism, including batteries. And other magnetic, the only function that is the return signal. Once the alarm latter is broken, Parts of a simple alarm dividends

Installation is super easy. Only you have to remove the protective adhesive on both sides and glue them to the door.

The main part of the edge the door and the other part, facing and well aligned.

It could reinforce with some small screws, but not necessary at all.

You may flashing frame hinder you a little. Just tweak it with a chisel and ready.

Placement simple alarms Home2To activate, just have to put the switch in the ON position.

Such systems serve both hinged doors, such as entrance doors; as for sliding, such as closures terraces.

We will talk about installing more sophisticated and effective anti-intrusion systems, but you can also install yourself.