Alarms and perimeter surveillance

Often when you have a large property difficult to protect the perimeter, to do this; barriers installed infrared beams that are connected to the alarm system.

How do they work?

The barriers are placed in small walls to the ground, on fences or posts, one acts as a transmitter and the other as a receiver and connected to each other, generating an infrared protected field and can cover up to 150 meters outside perimeter by par: volume trunks linking several pairs of barriers can cover any distance needed for many large farms as well as for small plots.

When it is cut from infrared to try to jump the fence or just sabotage them automatically generate an alarm connected to the general alarm system will trigger a siren (sound) deterrent and immediately give notice to your mobile phone, it is very useful in case you are not in place, that way you will always be aware of what happens on their property.

What about animals and pets?

If we think that birds might generate false alarms; we are wrong, because such systems can be adjusted and programmed to cut the beams are generated only by interrupting 1, 2 or 3 simultaneous beams and avoid false alarms by birds or small pets.

Systems combined perimeter barriers with security cameras are a deterrent and effective method of protection.

It is very useful also for second homes or summer because when the alarm is received, connect remotely with security cameras and can see online what happens then.